I learn so much from my son.  He is an instrument through which God imparts tremendous wisdom, though he knows it not.  The bible refers to Christians as the church, the “living stones” being fitted together. 

Well our families are buildings which are made up of those living stones.  Mine is comprised of myself, my wife, and Ry, (and Bill the cat).  I see God as the architect, the bible as the blueprint, and me as the general contractor who, by the power of Christ through my friend the Holy Spirit, is in charge of constructing my household.  How was my 3 1/2 year old responsible for such a revelation you ask?  Well, this is pretty common teaching in the church but God stole an opportunity to illustrate the point during my playtime with Ryan. 

We play blocks quite a bit and when Ryan was younger he used to like to not-so-carefully disassemble the block structures we were building.  I would try to create the nicest, most creative edifice that I could before he got the urge to bring it down.  He works with me now at building up more than tearing down and when I observe him building something that is unsteady and lacks structural soundness I try to slip in some supporting blocks to stabilize the structure.  

I don’t know what goes through is mind during these times but I think about my spiritual household and I consider whether or not I am building a sound structure by following God’s blueprint or going my own way and counting on God to steady me as I plunge headlong into my own things.  Worse, do I find myself sabotaging God’s work, destroying the very structure he is building by my actions, my thoughts? 

When we take time to do a spiritual house inspection what kind of structure would you be looking at?  Would it be given a C.O. by the town or condemned?  Would it stand tall and strong or would it look like a bunch of mega blocks simply strewn across the floor?  I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty convicted right about now but I am also feeling pretty grateful for the lesson.