I had an interesting conversation with my mother today.  She had been digging through old photos and albums when she came upon a journal from her mother’s (my Nana’s) archives.  It was a journal that had been given to my mother’s foster brother as a young teen.  In it were simply three entries.  The first, his own poetic invitation to others to post something in the journal as a keepsake.  The next two entries were written by my grandparents, also poems, and I was quite impressed and delighted with the arrangement, the verse not unlike my own style.  I had no idea that they had any poetic inclinations until now.  I remember many things about them but not this and I have to wonder if this is why I seem to favor poetry perhaps more than any other style of writing that I do.  This was a neat discovery and showed a very tender side of my grandparents for their child, something else that is often evident in my writings.  Thank God for heritage.