and when they are old, or even young, they may just believe it.  I know I am loosely paraphrasing here but I do it to make a point.  We have been teaching my son to pray since before he was able to speak.  We have evening prayer before bed, prayer before meals, and prayers for skinned knees and other common childhood maladies.   Before he seeks a band-aid, a hug, or a kiss on his boo boo, he says, “Daddy/Mommy…pway”  And its a simple prayer, for he doesn’t need or appreciate any long dissertations.  It goes something like, when we pray for him, “Lord bless this knee, toe, head, etc. in Jesus’ name. Amen.”  When he first learned to pray himself we would follow it up with a “good boy” so to this day when He prays it goes “Bless it. Amen. Good boy”  It’s really quite adorable.

 So, last night as I sat in front of the computer surfing, and nursing a strained knee from volleyball he came over wanting to “march, march, dad”.  Well of course I told him that Dad’s knee hurts so he can’t march.  Want to know what he did?  I think you know.  “Bless it. Amen. Good boy…march march Dad.”  I limped through it…lol and I am feeling better due to effectual prayers of my little guy.