Blossoming Boy Saturday, Jun 21 2008 

I am continually amazed at what God is doing in my family as I realize that Ryan does not HAVE a testimony.  He IS a testimony!  I watch as he grows in his language and his social skills and we could not be more proud of our little guy at all.  He turns four this summer, my big guy spent his first day at Great Adventure and even went on some rides by himself.  Again, so proud, and he knew it.

Praise God.


Train up a child Thursday, Mar 13 2008 

and when they are old, or even young, they may just believe it.  I know I am loosely paraphrasing here but I do it to make a point.  We have been teaching my son to pray since before he was able to speak.  We have evening prayer before bed, prayer before meals, and prayers for skinned knees and other common childhood maladies.   Before he seeks a band-aid, a hug, or a kiss on his boo boo, he says, “Daddy/Mommy…pway”  And its a simple prayer, for he doesn’t need or appreciate any long dissertations.  It goes something like, when we pray for him, “Lord bless this knee, toe, head, etc. in Jesus’ name. Amen.”  When he first learned to pray himself we would follow it up with a “good boy” so to this day when He prays it goes “Bless it. Amen. Good boy”  It’s really quite adorable.

 So, last night as I sat in front of the computer surfing, and nursing a strained knee from volleyball he came over wanting to “march, march, dad”.  Well of course I told him that Dad’s knee hurts so he can’t march.  Want to know what he did?  I think you know.  “Bless it. Amen. Good boy…march march Dad.”  I limped through it…lol and I am feeling better due to effectual prayers of my little guy.

Thank God for the sweet lessons of life Thursday, Mar 6 2008 

I learn so much from my son.  He is an instrument through which God imparts tremendous wisdom, though he knows it not.  The bible refers to Christians as the church, the “living stones” being fitted together. 

Well our families are buildings which are made up of those living stones.  Mine is comprised of myself, my wife, and Ry, (and Bill the cat).  I see God as the architect, the bible as the blueprint, and me as the general contractor who, by the power of Christ through my friend the Holy Spirit, is in charge of constructing my household.  How was my 3 1/2 year old responsible for such a revelation you ask?  Well, this is pretty common teaching in the church but God stole an opportunity to illustrate the point during my playtime with Ryan. 

We play blocks quite a bit and when Ryan was younger he used to like to not-so-carefully disassemble the block structures we were building.  I would try to create the nicest, most creative edifice that I could before he got the urge to bring it down.  He works with me now at building up more than tearing down and when I observe him building something that is unsteady and lacks structural soundness I try to slip in some supporting blocks to stabilize the structure.  

I don’t know what goes through is mind during these times but I think about my spiritual household and I consider whether or not I am building a sound structure by following God’s blueprint or going my own way and counting on God to steady me as I plunge headlong into my own things.  Worse, do I find myself sabotaging God’s work, destroying the very structure he is building by my actions, my thoughts? 

When we take time to do a spiritual house inspection what kind of structure would you be looking at?  Would it be given a C.O. by the town or condemned?  Would it stand tall and strong or would it look like a bunch of mega blocks simply strewn across the floor?  I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty convicted right about now but I am also feeling pretty grateful for the lesson.

Dads and Time Wednesday, Feb 27 2008 

I was sent an email forward yesterday entitled “Dads and Time” and it is reminiscent of that old song Cat’s in the Cradle.  For those unfamiliar with either of those, it features a father of a grown child who reflects on the time spent or rather laments the time NOT spent with his child in his youth.  Bottom line message?  Children spell love t-i-m-e.

I know I started this blog for testimonies and there is a testimony.  For those of us with young kids, like my 3 1/2 year old, this is a Godly reminder of what is important in life and one that we can do something about.  That is something to be thankful for.  Not forsaking those with grown children, let me say also that as long as there is breath in you, God can heal any past hurts and mend any sour relationships you might have.  That too, is something to thank God for.

 The video again is Dads and Time and it is from in case you’re interested. 

Praise God today that he cares about families