Our Daily Bread Thursday, Feb 28 2008 

I want to thank God for His revelation daily as we break the bread of the word.  I am thankful that His Spirit guides our understanding of what it is we are reading and how it applies to our lives.

I have titled this, “Our Daily Bread”.  There is nothing so satisying as when God imparts His wisdom to you and the word just makes perfect sense.  I have been reading the bible in a year and there are scripture portions from both the Old and New Testament, as well as Psalms and Proverbs to read each day.  

Well I was reading the Gospel of Mark about the “woman with the issue of blood”  Well it just so happens I was reading Leviticus also the same day, about God’s laws pertaining to cleanliness.  The woman from the New Testament account (who is not named); such a woman in the Old Testament was considered unclean.  Therefore, she was not to be even touched lest she make everyone else around her unclean.  Perhaps knowing the law, she decides in herself that “if I can JUST touch the hem of His garment.”  If she could just SNEAK in there and sneak out, she could be made whole.  However, with the crowd that pressed in around Him being so large she could not subtly touch him without making many people unclean.  Well you know the story.  She sneaks in, but not without being noticed.  Imagine how she must have cowered in front of Jesus only to receive mercy and an answer to her prayer in the form of her healing.   “Go, your faith has made you whole”. 

I was pondering the nature of her illness for a while afterward and thought to myself, Jesus came to bleed, so she no longer had to.  What else could this be applied to?  Jesus paid the price so I don’t have to? (certainly)  Anything else?


Look What the Lord Has Done Sunday, Feb 24 2008 

God has been so good to me and my family and I decided to share some of those things as well as establish an outlet for one of my passions, writing about biblical teachings, and opening up a window of correspondence for those that wish to share. 

I am a new author and I have started meeting others on the web.  I am learning a lot but I am also a little overwhelmed.  Nevertheless, this little blog makes me that much more accessible.  I look forward to meeting more authors and just new friends in general who love the Lord.  I have started a book tour for me first real solo book entitled, fittingly, “Look What the Lord Has Done; Victory over Infertility, Sickness, Trial, and Doubt” and I am trying to launch a blog tour as well.  Anyone wishing to drop some knowledge on my blog about this brave new world I am entering is more than welcome. 

The book is an awesome testimony and I wish to open up this blog to hearing about others’ testimonies too.  Tell the world what the Lord has done in your life.  It will serve to encourage many to hear how God is working.

God Bless,