Another Author Interview Friday, Jun 20 2008 

Lena Nelson Dooley was kind enough to do an interview of me and post it on her blog.  Please feel free to check it out.  She is offering a free book to one of the bloggers so you might even win one.

I have been negligent in my posting so I am hoping to catch up again and keep promoting the book.


Bless The Word Shop Parable Christian Store Sunday, Mar 30 2008 

Well after what seemed like a slow start we had quite a successful day at The Word Shop, virtually selling out of all of our books and now I am considering two more Barnes and Noble locations.

This was perhaps the most positive experience to date, not by virtue of the number of sales but the type of sales.  Praise God for friends and families but this was the first signing where most of the books went to new friends, some of whom I was priveleged to speak with and add to my prayer list.  Bless them for their support and my God meet their needs.

 I have to put in another plug for Cathy’s store

Parable Christian Store of Toms River
1341 Lakewood Rd (Rt 9 & 571)
Toms River, NJ 08755
(732) 349-1230

Book Signing Part Duex Friday, Mar 14 2008 

Well tomorrow is my second book signing.  This one at Barnes and Noble.  I don’t  know why I am so surprised, maybe because I am a Christian author, but B&N has been a very positive experience.  From the moment I approached them it has been a very positive experience.  They are taking care of ordering the books, creating the advertising, everything.  All I have to do is show up.  We’re praying for divine appointments tomorrow.

Barnes and Noble, Brick NJ from 1:00-4:00 😉

Writing Heritage Wednesday, Mar 12 2008 

I had an interesting conversation with my mother today.  She had been digging through old photos and albums when she came upon a journal from her mother’s (my Nana’s) archives.  It was a journal that had been given to my mother’s foster brother as a young teen.  In it were simply three entries.  The first, his own poetic invitation to others to post something in the journal as a keepsake.  The next two entries were written by my grandparents, also poems, and I was quite impressed and delighted with the arrangement, the verse not unlike my own style.  I had no idea that they had any poetic inclinations until now.  I remember many things about them but not this and I have to wonder if this is why I seem to favor poetry perhaps more than any other style of writing that I do.  This was a neat discovery and showed a very tender side of my grandparents for their child, something else that is often evident in my writings.  Thank God for heritage.

My First Online Interview Wednesday, Mar 12 2008 

Praise God for new adventures and new experiences.  I know it may not seem like much to some but it means a lot to me.  My thanks to Tyora Moody <> for being the first person to interview me about my book.  God bless her for that. 

The interview can be found on <>, posted on Monday March 10th.   Both sites are good, encouraging Christian reading and I highly recommend them.  Also a very valuable resource for aspiring writers with tons of helpful links.