Three days to my third signing Thursday, Mar 27 2008 

God Bless Cathy at The Word Shop Parable Christian Store, Toms River.  She has been great and enthusiastic about the signing and we thank God for her.  Blessings on her and her family for going out of their way and really promoting this event.  I know that God has great things in store and this is my advanced testimony for the outcome.


Barnes and Noble Book signing Sunday, Mar 16 2008 

Well I am pleased to say that B&N went very well.  The managers there at the Brick NJ Barnes and Noble were very accomadating and I could not have been happier with the turnout.  Look What the Lord has Done is on the bookshelf and going forward.  I pray that everyone who needed encouragement from the book received it and were blessed. 

My thanks to friends and family for coming out and for the B&N staff for their help and also for recommending another B&N store for signing. 

Next signing is at The Word Shop, a Parable Christian Bookstore 732 349-1230

Writing Heritage Wednesday, Mar 12 2008 

I had an interesting conversation with my mother today.  She had been digging through old photos and albums when she came upon a journal from her mother’s (my Nana’s) archives.  It was a journal that had been given to my mother’s foster brother as a young teen.  In it were simply three entries.  The first, his own poetic invitation to others to post something in the journal as a keepsake.  The next two entries were written by my grandparents, also poems, and I was quite impressed and delighted with the arrangement, the verse not unlike my own style.  I had no idea that they had any poetic inclinations until now.  I remember many things about them but not this and I have to wonder if this is why I seem to favor poetry perhaps more than any other style of writing that I do.  This was a neat discovery and showed a very tender side of my grandparents for their child, something else that is often evident in my writings.  Thank God for heritage.

First Signing Saturday, Mar 1 2008 

Well thank God.  For those of you reading this let me first say Post Something will ya…lol.  Seriously tomorrow is my first signing and I am thrilled although I am trying to keep expectations in check.  I understand the first time around is met with mixed success.  My only hope is that the people who God would have come out for the event would really be blessed by the book.  Ultimately, it is His work, for His purpose.

 Praying for divine appointments tomorrow but I know this is already a success because it has transformed this author.

 Send some testimonies people.